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The Autumn issue of Volume III is named Larix for the Larch tree.

Inspirational poetry and prose from Ireland, the USA, Khurdistan, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada and India.

Evocative poetry from Colin Bancroft, Iain Twiddy, John Hawkhead, James Owens, Helene Demetriades, Peter Hitchen, Molly Murray, Richard Stewart, Angela Topping, Rebecca Gethin, Gaynor Kane, Heidi Williamson, Finola Scott, Arsalan Chalabi, Susan Surette, Keats Conley, Bernadette Murphy, Phil Huffy, Peter Branson, Sacha Hutchinson, Sage Schilling, Anthony Watts, Maureen Browne, Ram Nah, Sunita Thind, and Sue Wallace-Shaddad.

Exciting illustration from John Hawkhead.

Emotive essays from Barry Gray, Mike Gallagher and Lynn Parr; prescient fiction from Nat Loftus.

Thought-provoking poetry from Jayne Marek and Gillian Wilce reflecting the season of remembrance.

Wonderful poetry and drawing from under-16s Miranda Scott and Etienne Torossian-Hall.

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