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FRAXINUS, named for the Ash tree, has 66 pages of timeless inspiration from the world's best writers and artists. Classic Essay: Heartfelt writing from The Story of My Heart by Richard Jefferies. Poetry from Mary O'Donnell (Ireland); Emma van Woerkom (Wales); Derek Adams (England); David Butler (Ireland); Hugh Rose (England); Lynn Parr (Wales); Linda Parsons (USA); Ian Scott Massie (England); Joanna Fahey (New Zealand); Matt Prater (USA); Kevin Graham (England); Steve Downes (Ireland); Brad Evans (England). Poetry Feature: Credo, Mervyn Linford. Essays by  Siddhartha Gigoo (India); Alexi Francis (England); Jenna Gursie (USA); Simon Zonenblick (England); Lynn Parr (Wales). Sanderlings: Dara McAnulty (essay); James Miller (essay). Fiction by Melanie White (England). Photography by Brian Michael Barbeito (Canada) and Markus Riederer (Bavaria). Drawings by David Beattie (Wales) and Alexi Francis (England). Paintings by Paul Kingsley Squire (England); Ian Scott Massie (England); and Jonathan Trim (England). Fraxinus is the second issue of Volume 1.


ACER, named for the Sycamore, is packed with marvellous writing and gorgeous illustration from the England, USA, Bali, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Timeless beauty to inspire and enthrall. Avian drawings by renowned wildlife artist C.F. Tunnicliffe, illustrating wildlife observations in Wales by Brian Macdonald.
Evocative poetry set in Ireland by Featured Poet Patrick Deeley. Thought-provoking essays by Philip Strange, Michael Warren, Yasmin Chopin and Lynn Parr. Stunning drawings by Jon Tremaine and Fred Montague. Glorious close-up photographs of birds by Mya Bambrick. Mystical fiction by Ana Vidosavljevic. Inspirational poetry by Kevin Conroy, Stephen Boyce, Mark Totterdell, Peter J. King, Katy Wareham Morris, Kirsten Luckins, Anthony Watts, Faye Boland, Larry D. Thacker, Liz Byrne, Rona Fitzgerald, Morven Main, Ilse Pedler, Ali Alana, Lee Nash, Jennie E. Owen. Mesmerising desert adventure in the Classic Essay by Louisa Jebb. Acer is the second issue of Volume 2.


ALNUS, named for the Alder, is packed with inspirational writing and stunning illustrations from Australia, USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. Featured Artist is the late great David Shepherd, whose talent and empathy with his subjects is clear in his lovely sketches of African wildlife. Alnus made a donation to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to help it continue his valuable work for conservation. Featured Poet is Beth McDonough, tracing the year through pin-sharp observation and passion. Conor Atay has some stunning photos of a rugged trail up Slovenia's highest mountain; and the Classic Essay is an excerpt from a piece by Henry David Thoreau – though not the one you might expect. Then there is thought-provoking fiction from Sarah Evans and James Wise, prose from Chris Brauer, Paula Peeters, Rebecca Welshman, Lynn Parr and Lucy Farrell, aged 8 – with topics as diverse as a wheatfield walk to a cave in Oman. And not forgetting the poetry; the amazing, emotive, stunning poetry from Alison Campbell, Alun Robert, Teresa Godfrey, Catherine Eunson, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Gillian Prew, Ceinwen Haydon, Stephanie Stanton, Janet Hatherley, Peter Branson, Eithne Lannon, Jerome Gagnon and Miki Byrne. Alnus is the third issue of Volume 2.
Fagus cover-lrjpg 

FAGUS, named for the Beech tree, is positively overflowing with inspirational writing and stunning artwork from the USA, Canada, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, England, India and Wales. Featured Artist is the renowned sculptor Peter Randall-Page, with a collection of his stunning stone works exploring the geometry of nature.
Featured Poet is Jane Lovell, who has a beautiful turn of phrase that perfectly captures her vignettes of natural places. The Classic Essay is by Mary Hunter Austin, one of the first nature writers – and one of the first women to publish in the genre. Her example is followed admirably by contemporary female writers Jennifer Belair, Attracta Fahey, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Patricia Lafferty, Sue Reardon Smith, Rebecca Parker, Aoife Reilly, Sunita Thind and Lynn Parr. Male masters of the pen are well represented in this issue, too: Jeremy Hill, Ian Heffernan, Mervyn Linford, Bruce McRae, Tim Dwyer, Paul Green, John Jacobson, James Oglethorpe, Frank McMahon, Drew Townsend and Fabiyas MV. As for illustration, well – the talent is stunning: Wonderful watercolourist Andy Badger; amazing 15-year-old artist Andrew Edginton; and Japan's queen of drawing, Divya Marie Kato. Fagus is the 4th issue of Volume 2.