5. Aesculus – NEW!

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The first of Volume II, Aesculus, named for the Horse Chestnut tree, is packed with marvellous writing and gorgeous illustration from the UK, USA, India and Ireland. 64 large pages of inspiration for years to come!

Highlights include:
  • Cliff Wright's moving 'Wild Encounters' with fox cubs and badger
  • Thoughts on bird song by the father of the nature essay, John Burroughs
  • Inspirational poetry from Alison Brackenbury, Pat Edwards, Finola Scott, Rachel Burns, Lynne Caddick, Maggie Mckay, Kitty Coles, David Crews, Tee Francis, Jane Burn, Steve Harrison, Audrey Ardern-Jones, Ram Nag, Aziz Dixon, Carolyn Martin, Graham Jones and Zachary Bos.
  • Thought-provoking prose from Holly-Elizabeth Toney and Lynn Parr
  • Wonderful linocut bird portraits by Deborah Vass and drawing by Fred Montague
  • Breathtaking paintings of the Thames Estuary by Jonathan Trim
  • Amazing poetry, prose, painting and photography from youngsters Katie Ardern-Jones and James McCulloch

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