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• Featured Artist is the legendary Canadian wildlife painter Robert Bateman

• Emotive poetry by top poets Gillian Clarke, Angela Topping, Stella Wulf, Mandy Macdonald, Maureen Anne Browne, Nicky Phillips, Kate Innes, Mary Gilonne, Helen Kay, Sarah Dixon, Cathy Whittaker, Vivien Jones.

• Featured Poet is Seth Crook

• Thoughtful prose by Joe Harkness, Lynn Parr, Cliff Harris

• Stunning drawing by Sarah Woolfenden

• Thrilling poetry, paintings, prose and photographs by young Sanderlings Zach Haynes, Miranda Scott, Emily Ardern-Jones

• Riveting fiction by Thomas Legendre

• Inspiring Classic Essay by Virginia Woolf

How can you afford to miss all this? And help conservation at the same time?

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